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This includes detailed help files for various processes related to our products which includes Installation,Updation,Lan Setting etc. along with screenshots of the steps.
This includes solution for Spectrum software related technical errors
This includes solution for errors which comes while filing income tax returns using Income Tax software:
This includes solution for database Mysql 4.0 related issues
This includes solutions for the technical problems which generally occurs in Zen Income Tax.
This includes errors which are specific to TDS software and Queries (Errors) related to E-filing Process
This includes solutions for Exbace Technical Errors and some articles about its features and working.
This category includes solution of the errors which occurs while validating XBRL instance document.
This includes issues specific to Windows Vista,Windows 8 or 7
This includes queries related to Zen Maharashtra VAT
This includes technical solutions of the issues which generally occurs in VB Based software's.
This includes answers of queries related to software features,basic queries on how and where to feed the data,etc.
In this category we are giving solution for issues related to using SCSED (.Net Smart Card Token)